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AOTO (Asian-Oceania Trade Organization) is an agreement between nations to increase free trade and help each other economically.

Founding Edit

November 21st 1950 three nations (Persia, Japan, and Indonesia) came together to make AOTO because of other unfair organizations and make a new, fair trade organization.

Guidelines of AOTO Edit

This organization is STRICTLY not a military organization and/ or coalition. It is a free-trade organization that does not have military power. All trade ships, truck, and planes must have AOTO on the side clarifying that the trade vessels are AOTO and strictly only AOTO. (IF you dont like this rule bring it up in a AOT summit)

Summits Edit

Summits will take place every 2 - 5 months (4-10 irl days) talking about the following things.

  • Voting for new members
  • Suspending a nation for warmongering (2/3 members have to agree and admins cant be suspended)
  • Increasing or Decreasing relations with other organizations. (APEC, and NAFTA)

Current Members Edit

Indonesia - Administrator Edit

Persia - Administrator Edit

Japan - Administrator Edit

Jordan - Member Edit

Rules of this page Edit

  • Only Administrators can edit this page
  • Summits will be posted on a separate AOTO page
  • Do not fuss in the comments the comments will be used for summits