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 This organization is to help the economies and wipe out Tariffs. The organization is located in the pacific, and in East and South Asia.


Argentina has founded this organization on the year of 1950. The headquaters will be based in Santiago, with summits every 5-15 months depending on the situation. 

Guides and rules of APECEdit

This organization is STRICTLY not a military organization and/ or coalition. It is a free-trade organization that does not have military power. Cargo ships from your nation must be marked with the APEC logo to ensure the vessel being recognized as an APEC ship. You can and WILL be suspended from APEC if a summit of the union votes so, or warmongering activities have been established by the nation being suspended. APEC gives all nations the right to host a fair trial ( Summit discussion ) and the right to speak freely. 


APEC summit's will be held every 5-15 months. The summit will discuss trade resolutions brought up, negeotiations, allowing a nation to join APEC, and the rights of trade APEC will give.

APEC AdministrationEdit

Administration has the right to hold emergency summit's if direly needed. In these emergency summits, the following could happen:

  • A vote for a nation to be embargoed and sanctioned
  • A suspension
  • A banishment 
  • A permanent banishment

Administrators and MembersEdit

  • Argentina - Administrator
  • Japan -Suspended for warmongering actions. A vote will be held in the next summit to allow Japan back in.
  • The United Kingdom - Temporary Member
  • France - Member 
  • United States Of America - Member
  • Canada - Member