Balkan Union

Balkanska Unija


'Motto: 'Pod jedan, mi smo ujedinjeni.

(Under one, we are united.)

Anthem: Hej Slaveni

(Hey Slavs!)


and largest city


Official languages Serb-Croatian, Greek (Secondary)
Demonym Balkanian


Presidential Constituional Republic

 -  President

Davor Hren

Active: 350,000



- Upper House

- Lower House

- Nation Representatives


-1918, The Merge of the Kingdom of Serbs and the Kingdom of Croatians and Slovenes.

-1950, Yugoslavian-Albanian Merge

-1950, Yugoslavian-Greek Merge

-1950, Formation of the Balkan Union

-1951, Balkan-Bulgarian Merge


 -  Total

203,731 (sq miles)

 -  Total 41,460,000 million
 -  Total I'll get to it
 -  Per capita I'll get to it
GDP (Nominal)
 -  Total I'll get to it
 -  Per capita I'll get to it
Gini (1949) I'll get to it
HDI (1949) I'll get to it
Currency Euro
Time zone
 -  Summer (CET) +1
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +7
ISO 3166 code BU
Internet TLD .bu

The Balkan Union is a sovereign nation in based in the North West Balkans. It borders Italy, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Greece, Romania, and Turkey. The Balkan Union is composed of 9 states, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, and Serbia.


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The Balkan Union has a very good economy. It's natural resources are oil, gas, coal, antimony, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, pyrite, silver, marble, bauxite, hydropower and arable land. The Balkan Union exports all oil that is mined within the country. The Balkan Trade and Good Department brings a substantial amount of money selling goods within the country and exporting them.



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There are 4 divisions in the Balkan Armed Forces.

(BGF) Balkan Ground ForcesEdit

The Balkan Ground Forces are the main composition of the military. They are equipped with every land vehicle availiable to the Balkan Union and are a force to be reckoned with.

(BA) Balkan AirforceEdit

The Balkan Airforce is possibly one of the best in the world. The Balkan Airforce has every type of aircraft at its disposal.

(YN) Balkan NavyEdit

The Balkan Navy is a skilled division of crewman and commanders. The Navy is divided into 4 fleets, the Aegean Fleet, the Adriatic Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet and the Foreign Fleet. Each fleet gives ships to the Foreign Fleet in times of offensive war whilst the foriegn fleet disperses among the 3 other fleets in times of being invaded.

(YSP) Balkan Special Forces (Balkanski Specijalci)Edit

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The Balkan Union is on good or nuetral terms with everyone.