I have generated a map that I think would be suitable for a bio-inhabited planet for our possible future project.

Fictional world map


In 1957, the Russian Federation launched humanity's first artificial satellite, Sputnik. Although the Soviet Union dissolved in 1950, and Russia became a capitalist nation, this launch ignited a new cold war with the United States once again, however in the form of a space race. The United States launched their first satellite the next year, in 1958, named Explorer. The space race between Russia and the United States escalated incredibly quickly through the 60s. In the midst of this technological race, both nations shared one combined effort. They were both combatting the greatest enemy to capitalism since the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, the Pan-Asian Tinguei Pact, also known as Chun-Yei. It was a merger of Thailand, Indochina, Tibet, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Burma, China, and Northeast India. On top of it all, the pact was Communist.

Nuclear war with Chun-Yei was initiated in 1982 after they detonated a warhead in Houston, Texas. Casualties on behalf of Russia and America, despite the nearly 850,000 civilian deaths in Houston, were minimal, compared to the 14 and a half million that died in Chun-Yei, primarily in industrial center cities and invading armies in the Siberian states. Upon further investigation post-war, Russian and American special operations found that Chun-Yei possessed incredibly advanced pieces of aeronautical technology intended for an explosion of space exploration after the destruction of the United States and the Russian Federation. By the 90s, this technology was adapted to the Russian, British, French, German, American, and Indian space agencies. The International Space Station was established in 1998. In 2001, Russia landed their own cosmonauts on the Lunar surface.

Then, in 2019, a joint French and Indian expedition put a crew on the surface of Mars. It was a feat of technological progress. Underground water reservoirs were discovered near the poles of Mars in further landings from 2020 to 2024, and the first Russian and French permanent colonies were established in 2027. India and the United States established their colonies in 2028 and 2030, while the British laid their claims on Moon, which had gone primarily untouched since the American and Russian landings in 1969 and 2001. In 2035, the German space program, Wohnraum landed two crews on Venus and Pluto simultaneously. By 2047, these clusters of colonies scattered across the system had achieved a total population of 107,000, enough to repopulate humanity if something happened to Earth. And then, in 2052, something did happen to Earth. Aliens happened.

A species designating themselves as the Kurek was discovered by German astronauts in the Neue Frankfurt colony on Venus. They were armed, and hostiled. The colony was overrun as they continued to spill out of the caverns the astronauts investigated. It was soon revealed that they held a system of facilities all throughout the bowels of the planet.