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Fall of Liberty II is the sequel to the popular wall roleplay Fall of Liberty

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Fall of Liberty 2 is the sequel to what was a horribly administrated project, Fall of Liberty 1. It had taken place in 1940, which ensued destructive alternate history, impossible feats of extraordinary proportions, and overall failure in every fashion. Fall of Liberty 2, designated FoL2, was based in 1950, ten years later, in the Cold War era. Roleplay subsequently covered the globe as the entire world was split between two ideologies. In 1951, the Soviet Union, as well as the Communist world dissolved, after extensive complications involving Capitalist China, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and French excursions into the Iron Curtain. However, the failure of Communism did not gut the motive of roleplay. War and catastrophe was still prevalent between the Western powers due to the individuality of each player's personalities, and how they presented their nation in roleplay.

FoL 2 Date

May 1957

1 Day IRL | 1 Month FoL

1 Hour IRL = 1.5 Days FoL

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