Knight Electronics (Indonesian/Persian Knight elektronik/نایت الکترونیک)


Newest logo created by the CEO


First logo

was made in July 29th 1950 by Aynaz Dev and Slamet Purnama whenever the both of them invested their whole life savings into the company.Only after a week of the company being made the Premier of Indonesia assigned them to make a giant computer for them called Warisan which would take up the average size of two Indonesian Homes. From the funding Knight Electronics got to spread to Persia and it was quickly a hit with the Shah and they got funding from the Shah aswell. Knight Electronics makes multiple

things ranging from TVs to Radios as seen from the prototypes below.

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The first prototype TV created by Knight Electronics, planned to be released in a month.

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The first prototype radio made by Knight Electronics, planed to be released in half a month.