Free Republic of Indonesia


Motto :

"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika"

Location :

North Oceania/South East Asia

Map of Indonesssssia

Capital / Largest City : Jakarta / Surabaya

Denomyn :


Official Languages :

Indonesian, Dutch, English, Persian

Population :


Area :

741,100 sq miles (1.919 million km²)

Religions :

(Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,Buddhism and Confucianism)

Government : Federal Republic

Premier : Bethari Lee

Monuments of History

17 August 1945 : Indonesian Independence

July 6th 1947 : Mitchell Straub elected as President/Prime Minister

July 20th 1950 : Mitchell Straub is assassinated

July 22nd 1950 : Bethari Lee declares the People's Republic of Indonesia

Currency : Indonesian Rupiah

After Freedom from Netherlands. Edit

In 1949 after the Dutch agreed to free Indonesia a President was elected named Mitchell Straub. Mitchell did very little reforms but help improve the economy and help Indonesia rise into Great Power Hood by economics and military. July 20th 1950, Bethari Lee bombs the Capitol building killing the president Mitchell Straub and declares the nation of the Peoples Republic of Indonesia and declares himself Premier of the nation. With the new communist government many rules were put in place to increase economics and military by a decent bit. From the efforts of Bethari Lee, Indonesia has joined the world stage and is now a major country in the world.

Relations Edit

Trade - Persia, Japan, China, South Africa, USA, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia and France. Edit

Alliances - Persia, China, Italy, Saudi Arabia Edit

Negative Relations - Argentina, UK, and Iberia Edit